Deiva Marina

Bluemen Riviera offers a wild nature still today.
Deiva Marina, little seaside town under the province of La Spezia and next the Natural Park "Monte-Serro-Punta Mesco", is in the centre of a wonderful territory which streches from Portofino to Lunigiana and Golfo dei Poeti.
A beautiful sea and an hinterland full of historic traces make Deiva Marina an ideal place for tourism and excursions.It is possibile to have trekking, fishing, sailing, wind surf and many other sports.
The Cinque Terre, well-known seaside resorts, are easily reached by train or by boats. Monterosso with its long beach and other four towns right on the sea: five jewels in a fascinating setting, linked by breathtaking paths.
Terraces cultivated with vineyards produce the excellent wine "Sciacchetrà". Enchanting Mediterranean flowers give off unforgettable smells and scents.

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